Thursday, July 29, 2010

7-20-10 Snake Park and Crocodile Bank

We went to the Snake Park and the Crocodile Bank on the 20th. The Snake Park opened on it’s day off to show us around, so we were the only people there. It was rather snazzy. The vet in charge there took us around and showed us different species of both snakes and other reptiles. They close the park one day a week because they want to let some of the non-poisonous snakes out for some exercise and they also feed some of the snakes – they feed them baby chicks – which the public finds displeasing. Anywho, here are many of the species that we saw at the snake park:

Spectacled Cobra:

Sand Boa not in cage (people try to break in and steal them for pseudo-medical purposes):

Common Vine Snake:

Spotted Rock Gecko:

Snake out on a walk:

Watch out for some of the snakes: Poison!

Bronzeback Tree Snake:

Nile Crocodile:

Yellow Monitor:

Indian Black Turtle:

Snakes protecting Vishnu:

Annulate Sea Snake:

Next we went to the Crocodile Bank. The Zoo Vet took us around and showed us all sorts of reptiles and took us behind the scenes where smaller animals are kept as well as into her lab.
Here’re are some of the pictures from the Croc Bank:

How to tell Crocs from Gators from Gharials:


Red Sand Boa:

Indian Rock Python:

Black Turtle Baby:

Marsh Crocodiles:

False Gharial:

This was really neat – they used old flip-flops to collect algae that was growing in the park water circulation system. Since flip flops are so cheap, they could replace them as often as needed.


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