Thursday, July 29, 2010

7-20-10 The ZOO!

Ok, here’s the zoo! We got to go around the zoo with the head vet and it was awesome. First, the highlights!

I got to hold a baby white tiger (1.5 months old)

I also got to play with baby elephants:

I also got to hold a Chameleon:

And shake hands with a gorilla:

Ok, and now, other pictures:

Bird Refuge:

Zoo Vet and his buddy:

Barking Deer:

Creepy Red Fuzzy arachnid:

Bird flying in the walk-through aviary:


Wallace and a Snake:

Another Snake:

A whole box of baby snakes that were just born (this species does live births) – anywho, they’re super poisonous and the zoo can’t maintain that many so they’re releasing them into the wild:

Rescue Tiger:

The zoo takes in tigers and lions that were mistreated by circuses and keeps them for the rest of their lives. Many of them were very angry and had sad docked tails and other signs of abuse…

Ok, and last but not least:
A baby elephant learning to do tricks with his foster “mom.” Apparently elephants bond with one person and these baby elephants were taken from poachers (usually the poachers picked off their moms) so they no longer had their moms. They adopted the elephant keeper and now he has to entertain them or they’ll get bored and destructive.

This one can lie down on both sides and walk with different gaits. He’s currently learning to stand on his hind legs, but he doesn’t have the weight to support that position yet.
He was super cute. We fed him bananas.

The end for a bit.

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  1. can u tell the name of the place of the zoo please