Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today We Leave for India

Today is the day we leave for India. I’m finally ready, after much hullabaloo pertaining to the fact that my insurance company has insinuated that it would be financially beneficial for me to get malaria...
Any who, in the past several days, I have:
  • Obtained not only malaria medication, but a variety of other medications... just in case

  • Gotten travel insurance, including travel health insurance

  • Backed up my computer

  • Made a Shoo Fly Pie *

  • Packed two fewer-than-50-lbs bags for the flight

  • Theoretically reserved window seats and vegetarian meals for all three flights

  • Done most of the things on the list in the previous post, though I learned that several of them did not in fact need doing


So, today we leave for India. We’ll fly to DC, then to Frankfurt, Germany for a brief layover. Three hours later, we’ll leave for sunny Chennai.
Where is Chennai, you ask?
Chennai on the map

After we spend about three of our six weeks in Chennai, the group will be traveling around southern India. According to Google Maps, we’ll be doing something that looks a bit like this:
our winding journey through southern india
our winding journey map key
I actually think we may be going to several other locations that just aren’t listed on our schedule, but needless to say, it’ll be a crazy last three weeks.
Oh, and for the last four days, a few of us will be going north to Delhi and then to Agra (where one might find the Taj Mahal).

I can’t wait!


*not related to travel, but instead related to sharing delicious food with friends (back to list)


  1. Erin! This looks like a lot of fun! And a lot of work, but I think it will be worth it! Enjoy!

  2. 1. That Shoo Fly pie looks amazing!!!
    2. Can I pretend that Trichy, India is pronounced "Tricky?"
    3. Have an awesome trip! Take lots of pictures and update more often than I do! :D