Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dead Poultry & Baby Animals

Over the 19, 20, and 21st, we saw farms, a snake park, a crocodile bank, and the zoo. We also went to a snazzy cultural location, Mamallpuram, which I’ll discuss in a separate post.

On July 19th, we visited a poultry research farm. Besides raising chickens, Japanese Quail, ducks, and turkeys, they also formulated food for all sorts of animals. Interestingly, their maximum allowable level of toxins was made using USDA standards. Why invent the wheel, I suppose.
Anyway they had lot of cute baby birds and some older creepy birds, but they started off by showing us the parts of the bird that are commercially sold.

this is a chicken, skinned, and hanging to dry on the sink spout… sanitary.

Ok, now cute animals:
Japanese Quail
Guinea Fowl

(I know it’s not a baby animal, but isn’t it cute? It was about an inch long!)
Baby Chicks
Just Born Bunnies
Baby Cow - tried to lick me
lots of baby cows

Yay! Baby Animals!
Next post, more animals!

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